The Pricing Podcast #17: Strengthen your negotiation power

  • 9 Feb 2023

In this episode of the Pricing Podcast, we discuss how to strengthen your negotiation power. Which are the keys to success?  

Without the right tools and structure, there is a risk of "leaving money on the table" during the negotiation phase. How do you avoid this and, at the same time, improve your ability to win your deals? The key is to strengthen your sales people's negotiation power. But how do you do this? And how do you succeed?  

In episode 17 of the Pricing Podcast, Elvira Gunnarsson and Viktor Petersson, management consultants at PriceGain, answer these questions and give their best advice on improving sales and margins by shifting focus from price to value.

The Pricing Podcast is only available in Swedish. Please tune in and listen on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts och Podbean. Click here to read the full description of this episode of the Pricing Podcast, "Lönsamhetspodden," in Swedish. 

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