Pricing for Profit series #3: Create a value-based customer offering

  • 1 Jul 2022

Do your customers find it difficult to buy your products and services? Do you include a lot of added value in the product prices and have difficulties in tackling the increasing competition and price pressure on the market?

Creating a competitive and attractive customer offering is one example of the types of pricing projects that we do to help our clients improve sales and profitability. With our help, our clients can boost their profitability and sales by 3-10 percentage points on Return on Sales (ROS).

So how do we do this?

At PriceGain, we use both quantitative and qualitative research methods to identify the value creation for the market in question. We analyze the information and help our clients shape a value proposition where the price is clearly linked to perceived customer value. The key is to create different alternatives for customers that are based on needs, preferences, and willingness to pay, and to let the customers segment themselves depending on what best suits their needs, preferences, and willingness to pay. Depending on our clients’ type of businesses and markets, this can look different and it is important to take this into consideration when looking into value creation. Read more here:

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