Pricing for profit Series #8: Boost sales with incentivized discounts

  • 17 Apr 2023

How can companies regain control of their pricing and create an incentive-based pricing model that enhances business results throughout the value chain?

Do you experience a decline in profitability due to a loss of control over consumer end prices? Has the price power moved toward the resellers over time? Do you experience a loss in volume in the reseller distribution channel? Is the pricing process too static, implying that prices are rarely updated and do not reflect the current market situation? Then it is time to review your channel strategy and develop pricing throughout the value chain to protect margins in all distribution and sales channels.

In episode 8 of the Pricing for Profit series (short version above, original version below), Jenny LeonardsonDirector and Head of Consulting at PriceGain, explains how you create a winning pricing model with incentive-based discounts for your reseller channel that results in sustainable results throughout the whole value chain.

To learn more about how you improve your channel strategy and sales, head to our page on Channel Pricing.

When the marketplace is rapidly changing, the importance of improving pricing is higher than ever. If you wish to receive expert help to develop your pricing strategy and improve your business results, please get in touch with us and contact us!

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