The Pricing Podcast, Episode 11: 'The Discount Ditch': How to price large product assortments in B2B

  • 2 May 2022

What is 'The Discount Ditch' and how do you get out of it? What methods can you use when you price large product assortments? In this episode of The Pricing Podcast we will dive into discounts and the best practices when pricing your product assortment in B2B.

During this session, Matilda Hölcke, Director and Head of Marketing at PriceGain, and Pär Hagerström, Partner at PriceGain, discuss how to avoid the so-called 'Discount Ditch' and give their best advice on setting prices for large product assortments in B2B that reflect customer value.

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The audio version is only available in Swedish.