PriceGain is expanding into the German market through a collaboration with ANXO Management Consulting

  • 27 Sep 2022

PriceGain is collaborating with German ANXO MANAGEMENT CONSULTING to offer pricing-based consulting services to companies in the German market.

PriceGain provides pricing strategy consulting services and is the top player in the Nordic market. The last few years have been marked by great success and PriceGain is expanding by establishing its operations in Germany through a collaboration with the German management consultancy, ANXO Management Consulting

ANXO is a leading player in market-oriented business consulting in the German market with core competence in strategy, marketing, sales, and digitization. The purpose of the collaboration is to provide companies in the German market with a comprehensive service that includes PriceGain's pricing expertise and ANXO's extensive experience in market-oriented business consulting.

"By combining ANXO's broad knowledge in management and market strategy with PriceGain's very high expertise and experience in pricing, we can offer great added value to the German market. The current market situation with rising inflation, disrupted supply chains, and increased competition has a great impact on all of us. Many companies have not changed their prices for years, or have done so only marginally, and are now faced with the difficult situation of having to quickly adjust and optimize prices. This is where we can come together and offer our customers services in its entirety that will bring something completely unique to the German market" says Ralf Strehlau, Managing Partner of ANXO and chairman of BDU, the German association for management consulting companies.

"With PriceGain's high level of expertise and proven track record of success, even in tough market situations, we strengthen ANXO and its offering in the German market. ANXO has an excellent reputation within the German consulting landscape, and I am therefore very proud that PriceGain and ANXO together will be able to offer solutions to one of the most urgent and topical problems" says Per Högberg, Founder and Partner at PriceGain.