Partner at PriceGain, Göran Skugge, to speak at the PPS Conference

  • 17 Nov 2022

The annual PPS European & Global Pricing Workshop & Conference will this year take place in Barcelona between December 7-9. The event is organized by the member organization Professional Pricing Society (PPS) and will be held in Barcelona.

The conference turns to companies that wish to get insight into how they can meet current challenges such as economic turbulence, new business models and price pressure through different strategies and methods for pricing, revenue management, and sales. On December 9, Göran Skugge, Partner at PriceGain, will be presenting on the topic "Pricing large assortments based on customer value through Price Differentiation".

"In today's world with inflation, rising raw material prices and resource scarcity, pricing becomes extremely important for companies' profitability. Instead of Cost Plus pricing, pricing needs to be further developed and ensure that customer value controls the prices. This is a challenge for companies with many items and a large assortment, but there are new methods that have been implemented in various industries showing great results. The methodology can be found in the pricing system Pricise, which can easily be integrated with the companies' existing systems," says Göran Skugge.

Read the Swedish press release here.